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Digital Marketer 101

What are the best affiliate websites to build.

What product should you promote

When it comes to finding a product to promote and sell online its best to find something that pays you residual income. Residual income products are the golden goose of affiliate marketing that keep giving and giving you sell the product once and receive income for years to come. The one we love is the amazing GrooveDigital platform It checks all the boxes and we think it's hands down the best to promote. It is an outstanding platform that has everything you need to build your business online and users tend to stay with this type of platform for years and It pays a nice 40% tier one and 20% tier two monthly residual.   

What type of website should you use to promote products? You have three options in our opinion that work great. You can build one kind of the sites mentioned below or combine them together to make a hybrid website.

Sales funnel

The sales funnel is fantastic to convert leads into sales if your goal is to drive paid traffic with YouTube in stream ads, Facebook and others. It has a SEO disadvantage over other options because of a lack of content. Not to say you can't rank It by using some low comp keywords and some back linking especially with a platform that is google friendly.

Multiple page content website

When it comes to affiliate sites the multiple page content websites have more substance and google loves that. Writing great informative content is something that can be done over time. It’s not going to be an overnight traffic generator but with proper keywords and link building this type of site can provide a nice stream of quality traffic.

Blog (Groove Digitals Blog feature coming January 2021) 

Blogging has been all the rage for sometime now. Bloggers that know how to write lots of quality content about their field of expertise have the ability to crush it with free traffic. The trick is creating hundreds of quality posts and using sites like penterest to promote them. If you write one blog post with low competition keywords and properly post it on pinterest with backlinks every two day in one year you will have 180 articles that will get you loads of free traffic. The only problem is coming up with content ideas but if you pick a large niche topic like marketing or say health and fitness you will have lots of ideas to write about. Happy writing.


Last but not least the most important aspect of marketing your affiliate sites online is getting traffic. If you have no traffic you have no sales period. Here are some ways to get the traffic you need to succeed.

YouTube in stream ads

Create a YouTube channel and make videos about the products you are promoting and drive targeted traffic to your sales page. This is one of the most affordable paid advertising options but what is so great about it is the ability to laser focus to only show to people looking for what you are promoting. There are others like Facebook but the ad costs are going through the roof it seems like YouTube is on the cheap for now.

Free Content (Content is King!)

Like we talked about above free traffic is the key to online success. Get your content out and see the traffic flow in. We use Fiverr to outsource work like longtail keyword research, Blog commenting with Do follow back linking, some article creation but you need to find someone that creates great content otherwise you end up with a bunch of unusable gibberish trust me we have reserved lots of it over the years. Also you can use private label content (PLC) it's free and you can tweak it and make it your own. Check out the site

In conclusion It takes a little work to market your affiliate sites and get thing’s rolling but you will get the snowball effect over time and traffic will just keep growing and growing. Rember (Groove Digitals Blog feature is coming around January 2021) so get your free account now and start building your online empire.

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