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Digital Marketer 102

Steps to internet marketing success.

Take massive! action

If you truly want internet marketing success you need to take the steps to drag it into reality.

Write down you're Y

Why do you want to have a successful online business don't just write down (to have lots of money to buy stuff) this is not very compelling. Something like Buy a new 45ft Chris craft houseboat and spend time at the lake with my loving family or make $20,000 per month to lease a 2021 silver Porsche 911S with charcoal black interior and buy a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath house on the water in Florida with a swimming pool the more specific the better.

Stop procrastinating and wasting time

Make the time to get things accomplished if you what internet marketing success don't just hope you have time, make time. You're going to need to make sacrifices that football game that’s on at 1:00PM, skip it and spend the next three hours doing something productive. What I am saying is just change your bad time wasting habits into task accomplishing habits.

Write down your action steps and take massive! action

1. Start educating yourself Join and learn everything GroovePages has to offer, watch all the webinars and join the Facebook group. Remember don't just join the group to waste time on Facebook. Join to learn. Learn traffic strategies, Learn conversion strategies, Learn seo.

2. Plan out your niche what niche are you going to be an expert in?. Business, Health, Sport, Hobbies get a clear plan on paper. It’s best to have a wide category so you have plenty of sup topics to write content about. 

3. Develop content Everything starts from somewhere work on writing some quality content about your topic. Do Not get frustrated if it's slow going over time you will get better and faster and developing content. Make a small goal and go for it.      

4. Build your Funnel Less is more when it comes to site building don't get too fancy you can start with GroovePages professionally designed templates and tweak them to fit your look and feel. Using 4 colors or less and a light background is a general practice.

5. Go Live name your site and get your custom URL. When coming up with your name keep it simple and broad. Maybe your name would work for this. It's kind of fun to brainstorm names but don't be all too quick to jump into buying the domain name. The name might sound great but make sure it fits with the overall niche your in. 

6. Do on page and off page optimization Optimizing your site is not as hard as you may think. Do your keyword research for the content you're creating. You need to find keywords that have low competition with a decent amount of search volume. Use the keywords in the content title as well as variations of it throughout the content (In the article we used the keyword internet marketing) also make sure you enter the page title, keywords, meta description into GroovePages page settings. Google likes to see your content has strong do follow back links to it so use methods like blog commenting to build links. There are services on the site Fiverr that can do this for you for a small charge. Repeat this every time you develop content.           

7. Work on traffic generation. Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. Start to develop your content for free traffic generation and use sites like Pinterest to promote. See this link for more traffic ideas. Success and prosperity will come.

Internet marketing success and prosperity will come. Push yourself no matter what “Success is an attitude”. with “Passion” loving what you're doing, “Hard Work” really hard work and “Focus” your focusing on one thing at a time, not everything you will succeed!. 

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